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Use of vials in an office setting

Practitioners use and store the vials in their offices where there are also computers, printers and other EM devices. In such settings and over many years of use, both LWP and Ergopathics vials have been found to be stable and reliable.

Caring for vial labels

We strive to create indelible labels that are resilient despite years of use. We use a high quality Lexmark XC4140 laser printer and Unison ink on waterproof, matte finish labels. After many years of heavy use, the labels may show some wear in which case you may wish to reach out to us for replacement labels. To help protect labels, however, we recommend a Vials Testing Block that reduces wear by reducing the need to remove the vials from their boxes. Read more here: The Vials Testing Tray also reduces the need for clients to touch the vials.

Storing kits & vials

When not in use, the vials are typically kept in their boxes and stacked on shelves. For easy reference, practitioners often label the name of the kit at the end of each stacked box. The plastic, friction fit insert inside the box holds the vials snugly and allows each label to be clearly visible. The insert has a velvet texture that allows the vial to be removed and pushed back into place with ease.