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Active practitioners may accumulate a sizeable collection of testing vials to support an active practice. A few simple precautions will go a long way to assure a long useful life for your testing vials. A collection of photographs is a useful analogy for the information carried in vials. The analogy is better than you might think in that our eyes receive electromagnetic frequency information—in the visible range—from a photograph, which is then interpreted in our visual cortex to give meaning to the information. Similarly, testing vials produce electromagnetic frequency information that is detected and interpreted by the body's own Quantum Information Field—or Energy Body.

1. If you repeatedly expose photographs to the elements, they won't last long. With careful preparation, treatment, handling, and storage, they can last indefinitely. The same holds for vials. Avoid strong radiation—thermal, visible, radioactivity—and they’ll keep indefinitely. Leave a photograph sitting in direct sunlight and its information will eventually fade…so too, with vials. Conveniently, repeated exposure to airport x-ray scanners has no apparent effect on our testing vials…just like photographs.

2. Mishandling photographs can cause the accumulation of smudges and fingerprints, and the eventual erosion of a photograph's visual information. The same can happen to vials. Many people can view a photograph if it is protected in an album--with no loss of the picture's information. We recommend storing and testing the vials directly in their storage boxes or trays, and using a Honeycomb device, or a  Hands-Free Tester (Testing Block) so patients do not handle vials directly.